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Custom Software Solutions

Metatheria specializes in the sale of custom software solutions for non-profit human services organizations, including case management software, online intake/referral systems, and more. Our most popular service is OCM (Open Case Management). Developed originally for the non-profit legal services field, OCM is adaptable to a wide range of human service use cases. We both develop new software and can often modify existing software to meet your needs.

System Integration Services

The critical operations of your organization depend on information systems. But do all of your information systems “talk to” each other in the way they need to? Or do your staff routinely find themselves copying information one data point at a time out of one system and into another? Metatheria’s consulting services include analysis of information process flows to find inefficiencies like manual data entry for data that can be linked automatically through an API or other automation methods. We can help integrate your information systems more closely so that your staff can focus more time on other tasks.

Information Security Assessments

Our president, Alex Clark, is an industry-certified cyber-security analyst (CompTIA CySA+). We offer initial comprehensive assessment service of your information security ecosystem based on the CIS 20 Critical Security Controls, and on a thorough vulnerability scan of your internal network and your external exposure to the public internet. We will also help you set up regular ongoing vulnerability scanning to help you stay on course towards improving security going forward. If you are a non-profit organization, the licensing for this ongoing scanning software is likely free. Beyond simply completing a “point-in-time” assessment, we will empower you to move forward with continual self-assessments, as well as recommend prioritized immediate next steps based on your organization’s unique information security needs, resources, and threats.

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